Tips on how to look younger than you are part 1

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Tips on how to look younger than you are part 1

Today, youth is often idolized. Luckily, as a man having a few wrinkles and gray hair, does not make you look like a grandpa, but wiser and adding a few things to your wardrobe and what you do, can really help to make you look younger without looking like a teenager. Looking younger can help to advance your career and remain in the workforce because many companies often want to get rid of older employees.

How to look younger, tip number 1:

If you eat the right and healthy food, if you workout, and take care of your body, you will look better. That also means you should get enough sleep because only if you feel good, you will look great. You should also try new things, maybe a vegan or plant-based diet with whole foods, just give it a shot, do it for two weeks and see how it makes you feel. Do not be afraid of trying something new, and do not be afraid to look bold.

How to look younger, tip number 2:

Wear sunscreen or use a face lotion product that helps protect your skin from everyday sun impact. It is good against cancer but it also prevents wrinkles. Your character wrinkles are absolutely fine, but you do not want those deep craters, otherwise, you will look like a raisin.

How to look younger, tip number 3:

You should lift some weights and work out. As your body ages, you will lose muscle mass and having a nice attractive v-shape will help you to look younger and vital.

How to look younger, tip number 4:

Being around young people and talking with them, makes you think in a different way, so that will make you look younger as a result.