Dress to Match Your Date While Keeping Your Own Style

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Wearing a dress that compliments your date is a great way to demonstrate your love and bond with the one you love. Also, it is more stylish and portrays you and your date as one unit. Wearing coordinating dresses will make you more prominent in an event. However, if you don’t know the right ways to match a dress with your date, you may end up losing your style by doing it in the wrong way. So, here are some tips that will help you dress to match your date perfectly.

Dress to match your date tip 1: Match the color correctly

The most obvious but important thing in matching dress with your partner is the color. Matching a color with your date’s outfit is the most noticeable way to match dress with your partner. Pick a color from your date’s outfit or accessories and wear it in the right wat. However, it is important to note that you should not overdo it. If both of you decide to wear the entire or most of the outfit of the same color, you will look odd. Therefore, you should do it in a subtle way. You may add a pocket square or a tie of your partner’s dress. That will look great. If you are looking to be more prominent, you may wear a shirt of the same color under your suit. Moreover, if the color of your match is not according to your taste or style, you may try different shades of that color that compliment well. It does not have to be exactly the same color.

Dress to match your date tip 2: Match the pattern

Now, if you want to step up your dressing game, you may match and mix patterns with your partner’s dress. Choose a pattern that you love to wear and it also complements your date at the same time. It will keep you stylish individually, and together you will shine even more. For example, if your date is wearing brown, you may add a tie having brown patterns. Adding a matching patter is really a great way to match the dress of your date.

Dress to match date tip 3: Dress at the same level

Whether the event is formal, semi-formal or informal, you need to make sure that you dress at the same level. For instance, if you are wearing a nice suit and your date is going with jeans, it is not going to coordinate, no matter how hard you try. It will look like both of you have dressed up for different events. Therefore, make sure that you are going to the event with the same level of dressing.
So, these are the few tips that will help you dress to match your date. A matching dress shows your love for the person you’re going with to the event. So, if you have a date, try matching your dress. It will earn you a lot compliments and you will feel amazing.
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