How to Dress Up for a Great Gatsby Look!

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How to Dress Up for a Great Gatsby Look!

Every classic lover owes a big thankful note to the movies which bring 1920’s aura back in today’s world. These movies not only revive the past fashion but have a potential to grab us until the movie is finished. So, it is kind of difficult for us to crawl back into reality.

We become fascinated by everything in the movie, the historical architecture, the lifestyle, even the tiny piece of jewelry. The fashion being portrayed by the movies are loved all around the world and remains in the fashion for so long, it flourishes and grows so perfectly.

All of you take the Great Gatsby style as a tricky one, it challenges you, doesn’t it? So, here we are hoping to help you out in pulling that Great Gatsby look.

The Great Gatsby Look Wouldn’t Cause You a Huge Amount of Money

When you learn the basics about what to get and how to get, you will find it very easy to get up in the Great Gatsby Look. What you have to do first, is to think like a Great Gatsby, feel him in yourself, step into that character then start exploring new things.

Okay, don’t worry if you have ended up your money and can’t have a tailcoat tailored. Even there is no need to spend a huge money on the suit, you can rent a 1920’s Great Gatsby’s tailcoat and you are ready to go.

The Gangster Looks – Of, course the Virtuous Ones

Stay calm people, we are not into negative things, that’s why cleared it earlier. The point is, the gangster in the Great Gatsby was so handsome in his looks that we thought we might copy him.

Things you will need are a hat (preferably a black hat), a prominent shiny and sparkly tie, and a striped suit that is perfectly fit to your body otherwise you look like you are wearing your father’s suit on your first prom.

The Striped Blazer is Worth Noting

The is one of the styles that stays in the fashion almost all the time. The designers are much into bright colored stripes these days. So, it is not that difficult, right? As this style is quite common, you will not feel grounded or afraid when you go out wearing your seamless striped blazer with the black trousers.