How To Bring Burgundy Suits In Your Life?

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

How To Bring Burgundy Suits In Your Life?

Fictional suiting gods like Don Draper and Tony Montana that exist in totally opposite side of the world of fashion. One favors the traditional view while the other favors danger.  While one is comfortable with gray wool the other favors outsized jackets. If you are a wise person, you might choose something in between for your tailoring purchases. 2018 is all about classical and practical suiting but also a flex at the same time. The perfect blend comes in the rich burgundy hue. No matter which design you choose, whether it’s double or single breasted, pale cranberry or deep plum, the shade has enough substance to provide swagger. Probably the reason you’ve seen every stylish guy in Hollywood wearing this color because they know how to embrace it. Those who know that they look great in different colors know that the color of the suit is about being themselves and not just being in a character.

You can easily pull off the hues of burgundy suits at work. Styling in a monochromatic way with the reddish shades doesn’t mean you are about to participate in bartending at a club. Reach out for shades which are lighter and softer and not shinier and darker. Dress in a way that you look like a sophisticated guy at work and not someone who pounds Red Bull and Vodka.

If you want to wear the hues of burgundy on a weekend, you got to have a confident look and feel about yourself. You don’t have to wear luxury trousers for the whole night but slightly sportier look in burgundy will make you look more energetic and classy.


A slim cut suit with a pain white shirt and floral tie can make you slay an important event such as a wedding in the fall season. Stepping out of the traditional colors such as navy blues and gray will make you look outstanding and classy at the event.

Moreover, if you are thinking to wear burgundy suits at a bachelor party, pull it off with a patterned shirt to look sassy and fun. Top tip: Don’t forget the statement eyewear for fun.


If you are planning to set an attire for your date night get rid of stuffy shirt and go stylishly luxurious with your shoes and a little overgrown beard. Think yourself as a guy who isn’t stressed out about whether his boss will like him or not, just be you and you are all set for your date.