The Quick Overview of the Old Britain Fashion Style!

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The Quick Overview of the Old Britain Fashion Style!

Everybody is familiar with the most prominent kingdom of Europe covered with elegant land that is Britain. The Britain empire has changed drastically, in a positive sense, over a period of a few centuries. You may love to see their fashion style from the past 18th century.

18th Century and the Beau Monde!

Many of you have seen the famous TV series The Vampire Diaries, so do you remember those flashbacks of Damon when he is a kid whose father is an enemy of the vampires, having intentions to kill them? Yes, exactly, I want to highlight that time period. The time when people used to wear long coats which were a pure statement of fashion style. Dark colors were preferred, silk and cotton suits with great magnificent were worn, pure leather shoes were used, and those fine accessories. Guess those people fancy the suits as from general public to government officials, everybody wore them. Here is a three-piece suit from the time of King Charles II with a waistcoat (vest), long jacket, and the breeches. It was a time when the concept of the tie hadn’t evolved yet and people wore a cloth around their neck.

The shoes, as you can see, is a perfect amateur form of moccasins/oxfords. This is how loafers were exactly like in the 18th century.

Besides everything else, men’s fashion style stayed monophonic for many decades. Females’ attire comprised of a long gown and dresses similar we to those see in fairytale movies.

The 18th century was a great period for Britain as many amendments were kept on going on, from engineering, arts, music, business, architecture to fashion. As the reign shifted from the hands of Queen Anne to George Charles, the birth of a new era took place.

That Georgian Era has its own significance in the history. The fashion style and trademarks remained constant during the 18th century, known as the Beau Monde of Fashion. That was when the middle class started to mingle with the upper class. The Met-museum is full of those classy and dazzling fine wool suits. See the picture below.

Talking about the color combination, men’s fashion style made up of mature and dark colors like black, dark blue, navy blue, or white. Sober colors were only worn when embroidered with silver or golden color. And that embroidered jackets weren’t just a usual jacket we wear today, but a sign of the wealth and being elite.