Jared Leto’s Unique Fashion Statement!

Jared Leto’s Unique Fashion Statement!

Jared Leto’s Unique Fashion Statement!

Jared Leto AKA Joker was labeled as the worst dresser by the GQ, but if you see him now, he has got all that a fashion statement is about. Jared Leto’s carrier as an actor and singer is loved by all, but his controversial style and dressing are not much favored by the audience.

Jared Leto seems to enjoy every taste, so his dressing changes with time to time. With dressing, his hairstyle also experiences many variations, from long hair to short hair, mohawk cut, white dye, and pink dye, he is not coming slow.

It is not that he is the master as not all he carries looks perfect, but Jared Leto has enough potential to pull out the best out of the fashion. So, check it out!

1.    Casual Look

Jared Leto, besides GQ’s rating, is known for his unique style that he always pulls out on a fashion runway, but it isn’t what he actually capable of. He can carry a casual look too with a perfection. Jared Leto’s idea of casual look is bomber jackets over t-shirts with the best denim. He gives his looks a final touch with a pair of sunglasses.

2.    Leather Jackets

Jared Leto, our joker is very fond of pop-rock looks so he wears a leather jacket too often. This is one very important clothing item Jared Leto loves to keep him by his side through every phase of his life.

3.    All About Details

Jared Leto always keeps in his mind the detailing of his suits. As I cleared earlier about his unique styling on red carpets, he makes sure his suits look perfect, so he put details with accessories like a diamond-shaped bow tie, pocket squares, etc. Jared Leto isn’t a kind of person following rules or other people. so he brings his own essence on red carpets.

4.    Famous Green Coat

When it was a time of suicide squad premiere in London, Jared Leto put on a green suit with pink pants. As everybody knows he can prompt the runway looks in real life, this was his pick-up from Gucci’s Milan runway. Jared Leto proves that when it comes to fashion and styling, no rules work until what you really like to bring on.

Jared Leto’s famous looks are some of those in which he wears colored coats on the red carpets and many such events. Other than that, he loves patterned or printed or floral suit and absolutely slay in them