Celeb Style Worth Stealing

Best Shawn Mendes Outfits So Far

Celeb Style Worth Stealing

Ladies usually prefer guys who are sharp looking and stylish but unless you are James Bond you have to stick with the more casual type of look for guys. T-shirts and jeans are the most common dress worn by everyone let alone celebrities too.

When we talk about style and fashion, we look towards New York and Los Vegas because these are the biggest towns of celebrities such as Kanye West, David Beckham, Justin Beiber and more. The tips to achieve the celeb style are simple and economical too. Here is what you need to do if you want to look smart and stylish like the famous celebs.


Wear fitted clothes to maintain the look of your physique.

Feel confident enough to carry the celeb look

Get yourself a hairdo for an overall different look

Don’t be afraid to use accessories.


Make sure you don’t overload yourself- keep it nice and stylish and you will end up slaying like your favorite celebrity. These celeb styles that are rocking the casual look without looking sloppy.Here are some celebrities who rock the casual look like a pro:


Adam Levine

He has the total rock star look.  His looks in jeans and tees are totally sleek and classy. Pair your jeans with graphic tee and sneaker for a casual weekend look.


Alexander Skarsgard

Famously known as the blood-sucking vampire on True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard does look good during the day time too. He simple laid back jeans and tee shirt makes him look polished and classy.


Jamie Dornan

The infamous Christian Gray from the series of Fifty Shades works great during both day and night time in the casual combination.


Kanye West

Kanye West pulls off every kind of look like a pro. T-shirts, blazers with jeans or chinos look classy on Kanye and leather jackets always make him look super sexy.


The celeb styles are totally cool especially when they come from different places and regions and influence they way we dress today. We have a blend of all kinds of fashion from USA to London to Italy. Having the correct fashion sense will make you achieve the look that you desire or want to steal from other celebs.