Best Winter Fabrics For Men

Winter gear you can’t do without

Best Winter Fabrics For Men

When you are dressing for winter you want to be warm, comfortable and look sharp at the same time. If you are feeling uncomfortable and shivering from cold you won’t look good regardless of whatever you are wearing. Never sacrifice your comfort and warmth in winters in order to look best.

If you make sure that you are using the correct winter fabric, making the proper layers, wearing stylish winter accessories along with the correct winter coat and right foot wear, you will surely slay during the cold and dull weather.


The vital key to stay warm in the cold weather is to select clothes from the right winter fabric. Here are some winter fabrics that you must use throughout the cold season to stay warm and stylish at the same time:



Best to use for base and/or middle layers. Cotton won’t keep you absorbent and allow you to breathe clearly. Having an inner of cotton can help you stay comfortable in a heated building too. To look casual wear a thick knit cardigan or sweater as a top layer.



Best for middle and/or top layers and bottoms. Jeans are always the best choice for a casual look, and winter is no exception to that. Denim looks good choice for a middle layer or top layer if you are wearing it in a form of a denim shirt. Make sure you just have one denim layer.



Best to wear in the middle or top layer. Wool is the warmest winter fabric that you can choose to wear in winters. Even if you wear a thin layer, it will be enough to keep you warm.



The best option for top layers. Leather jackets are always a classic choice and also keep you warm from the cold winds. You can even use leather long coats to stay sharp and warm. Leather vests can be worn as inners too, to stay super warm. However, leather pants are not at all suggested unless you are some punk or rock star.


Selecting the right winter fabric for the layering will keep your body at a comfortable level. Wearing only wool layers will get you too hot or wearing only cotton won’t be warm enough, so make sure to maintain a balance while making the layers.