Rock those Patterned Suits!

A patterned shirt can make you look more youthful and relaxed.

Rock those Patterned Suits! 

Nothing is impossible when you use your cognitive development to the mightiest of creativity. Men came up with the idea of patterned suits and trust me it is the best for 2018. As the day goes by, here we are in winter, October 2018. Let's have a look at the most intriguing men's fashion wear when it comes to patterned suits.

Patterned suits can be worn to weddings too as the perception breaks. A green tuxedo, looks out the box and something which is breaking the black tux stereotype. There is so much more to these suits then we think.

The Grey Pattern!



Have you always been wondering to wear the most unique jacket to work? Well here it is. Suave, calm and a perfect classy outfit for the pre-winter winds. Single breasted grey suit. The color combination amazes me, amalgamating grey with black, beautiful.



Another grey pattern. Grey blazer with a black waistcoat, supporting the delicate ambience of the suit. Perfect color combination, simply brilliant!

Navy Blue - The Trustworthy


Now as psychologists say blue and shades of blue depict trust, well to be honest, my trust in blue patterned suits have been solid now. They are without doubt the best looking suits. Suave yet a bit casual.


Not only a navy blue patterned suit but other suits which have different patterns exist. Considerably we can vouch for many other shades of blue or grey. Both of them class the normal ones out. Not only do patterned suits class out the usual plain suits, they are gradually becoming the walk of the parliament.

Tuxedo - Yes a Patterned One!


Well you must be wondering how can a classy looking black tuxedo be replaced by a printed or embroidered, patterned tux? Well not so fast, homie. This is exactly what your formal not so formal parties have been missing. A patterned tuxedo not only looks cool but also gives out that slight James Bond vibe. Amazing as the word goes, perfect. Simply perfect.


Such tuxedos can also be found in many other colors, such as black and white tuxedos, with white patterns. Red velvet patterned tuxedos. A light blue tuxedo with black patterns. The list just goes on.