Red - Bloody Suits!

Sprezzatura And How Men Can Dress With It

Red - Bloody Suits!

Red, the color of love. According to psychologists, the color red depicts love. Whereas different shades of red depict feelings or emotions differently. Blood red depicts pain, sorrow, grief and regrets. While the basic red depicts love, that is why roses and valentines are considered as signs of love.

Before I dig into suits, let me ask you, what is life without love? Love is the entity for everyone that makes them who they are so I guess red is a very important color.


Whenever we hear the word suits, James Bond and his magnificent black tuxedo comes to our mind. By the farthest, we get the dark shades of blue, mostly navy blue. The best shade for red with regard to suits are, red wine, blood red and maroon. Now let's have a virtual view of these deadly shades.

Red Wine!



Red wine suit. Quite plain yet classy. Single breasted, two piece, tuxedo made, this embarks the classiest red can get but wait, it will get better. Red wine gets along with black as well. So you can wear red wine with black tie and black shoes. This color makes it complicated to choose the perfect tie, either red wine or black. There is no in between.

The Basic


The basic red. Well this is the perfect red suit for the valentines, specially if you're taking her to the Madison Square Garden or a Madonna concert worldwide. This red speaks for itself. Plus also it gives you a certain open hand to ties and color amalgamation. This shade of red gives you a unique focus or attention in a crowd of people, due to the strong character it depicts.


Maroon - Class Personified


The best shade of red that ever existed for suits. Yes! Maroon!


Well maroon suits are just the ample of anyone's eyes. They not only give you a strong look, it also makes you the center of attention in a crowd. If you're deciding to wear a maroon suit, wear a white shirt within and do not wear a tie which is not black. Always wear black tie with maroon, no other.


Black tie, black shoes. But if you want, you can wear a silk made maroon tie only. None other.