Pattern Guide - 101

The patterned shirt look can work with or without a tie

Pattern Guide - 101

Fashion changes, evolving from era to era. Bringing changes to comfort people. Fashion is as important to a man as it is to a woman. We believe that a man’s attire speaks for itself, the seldom attitude which lies within his dressing sense. First pattern ever to be successfully followed was the British style, then France took over and made their amendments to suits. Well now let's have a look at how fashion is changing this winter.



As many know, patterned suits are in fashion lately. Winter suits and dressing comprises of waistcoats, blazers and long coats covering you up. So let's take a look at winter style forming up this year. Moreover it draws attention on the fashion revivals for this winter 2018.


Do you see the prismatic color scheme followed by these young handsome lads? Sober colors, made to make the suave gentleman in you confident as always. Shades of grey take over whenever we talk about patterned suits. If we see the first one from the left, the patterns on his suit don't follow the block printing style, no checks, yet it is so attractive. On the other hand. The colors become brighter from left to right.


Waistcoats inclined with the jackets perfectly. The overcoat in all its longing, going along the ambience and the nature of the suit. Brilliant I must say.


Navy blue patterned suit. We can see this perfectly stitched, wool suit made for the winters. Wool is famously known for the warmth its texture has always preserved. The color combinations are on point as well. Apart from the suit, the shows add the missing pickle to the sandwich.


Winter brings dark and solid colors along. Dark shades of blue, dark shades of brown and yes, no one can forget grey. Along with these colors, black suits (the continuity of class) are fond on the pathways as well. Mostly black suits go along with white checks, they are classy. Wool made blazers with checks or patterns, what else does a man want more from life?


Talking about colors and style. Green is quite in as well. This is a single breasted jacket, dark green woolen made suit. If you trust me, I like it.