Tricky Ways to Tie-up Your Tie

The top 5 colors to choose when wearing a tie

Tricky Ways to Tie-up Your Tie

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life - Oscar Wilde.

All the seriousness put together, you can also seriously decide to go for a tricky tie. The risk is worth it if the tie goes well with your look because then you’ll be receiving multiple praise for the bold step that you took.


It’s true that your tie holds the position of being the highlight of your entire look. It’s just very easily visible and also requires less time to for someone to decide if it is a good tie or a bad tie. Whereas, the rest of your clothes could take up a bit more judgments than that.


It’s risky but the tricks are easy

If you keep thinking about how it is so unusual to see someone wearing an unusual tie, you might overlook the fact that it will also be surprisingly interesting to see someone wearing a surprisingly unusual tie. Trends become trends because someone took a bold step in publicly accepting the tren. Would you really not want to be the trendsetter for some time?

Pick a neutral-colored shirt that matches a neutral color in your tie pattern

You are not mistaken, it actually is as easy as it sounds. To make things even easier for you, neutral colors include black, gray, white, brown and beige. If you were wondering that you would be able to pull off a bright orange pattern tie on a bright pink shirt, we will not be suggesting that at all.

We do encourage you to go for tricky ties but only the ones that won’t make you stand out the wrong way.


In case of silk ties, pick the pattern that has white to pair it with a white cotton shirt

You will be sincerely suggested to not go for a silk shirt if your tie is already silk. The trick is to let one piece of clothing be light enough so the other can shine.


You already how you must match the shirt with the neutral color from the tie pattern. Let that neutral color be white because white is always the safest option for wherever you are set to go. Remember, in order to stand out the right way, you need to dress lightly and not complicate your look.