Best Summer Look to Wear!


Best Ways To Wear Stripes

Best Summer Look to Wear!

It is not that hard to dress well for the summers. Summertime is the period where we can try most of the fashion, change and amend fashion according to our needs.



Now it comes to our head, a worry, how to dress for the best. Now as the day proceeds, you need to impress your coworkers, colleagues. Your family, your girlfriend. Well everyone likes to look good, it build up our confidence. Dressing well gives a boost to a man’s confidence.

Keep it on the lighter tone!

Well you don't need to do much, try wearing the most eye soothing colors, keep the colors as light as you can. The darker the color, the warmer the vibe is. Wear colors like, sky blue, grey, pinkish red, light green etc. These are the perfect colors for your shirt. Pants are easier to choose. White pants, greyish black pants, blue pants.


Now we know while wearing suits, we are not left with much choice when we talk about colors. Whereas nowadays, check suits are quite the talk of the town. Check suits provide us different color combinations for our day. On a sunny day, don't wear a black suit to work. Wear a light blue one. Talking about suits or their jackets to be precise, I would prefer everyone to wear wool stitched made jackets. They are comfortable and convenient. Not much expensive, not too cheap. They are the best thing out there for everyday use.

Don't wear your suit jacket all the time!

A suit jacket adds on unwanted weight and discomfort. Preferably, wearing the jackets around in meetings and important catch ups is acceptable. Don't ruin the vibe by wearing your linen or silk suit to your everyday walk to the subway on a sunny day. Keep the walk and suit intact with you.


Now if you follow fashion and want to best best man in the room, it's not that hard.

Shoes? Well loafers and moccasins are quite the most popular choice, loafer socks have replaced the old long socks. Old long socks have become too tacky. Keep the color mature and sober, by light colors i do not mean pink loafers.