Thomas Shelby - Classiness!

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Thomas Shelby - Classiness!

Now let’s have a look at Thomas Shelby and his collection of awesome, classy and eye catching attire. Thomas Shelby is the leader of a gang in the crime series, Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinder was basically a gang in the early 1980s started by youngsters. Getting back to the point. Lets have a look at Thomas Shelby and his suits.



Just look at this suave looking young gentleman, passing attitude and subtle personality just by his attire and his stolid expressions. Perfectly stitched, neat, overcoat with a grey suit inside. Now judging by the photograph, the suit seems to be made of wool. Even his accessories seem to be on point, his pocket watch from the medieval era. Even his tie is perfectly inclined with his suit. His tie pin at the exact position where it is supposed to be. The suit is perfect fit for him, not longer, not shorter, just perfect like it is supposed to be. So this is Thomas Shelby pulling of a suit.



This is how classy you need to be for every girl to be drooling after you. The suave international businessman look has shifted from a settled gangster from the 80s. We can see the chain of his pocket watch, always carrying the accessories. Cufflinks on point though!


Now if you are wondering this classy criminal can carry a tuxedo like James Bond then hello dude, did you see a better dressed criminal ever in your life? I bet no. Shelby ruling the evening as always, if you know what I mean. Neat as the word goes, Shelby!



Aren't those blue eyes of Cillian Murphy just hypnotising his audience into love? Now we are just madly in love with this Thomas Shelbys dressing style and looks. His attire motivates every young guy to suit up. All of his fans around the world are in madly in love with him. Cillian Murphy truly embraced and provided the essence Thomas Shelby needed. Indeed he made the character alive and justified his role in the show.



That is all from the Peaky Blinders. Youngsters running the entire city from the within. Claiming what has been their from decades. If you missed out anything, it is a must watch guys and do look into the dialogue delivery and quotes by Thomas Shelby. You will love it!