6 Fashion Mistakes Men Make in their Office Dressing

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6 Fashion Mistakes Men Make in their Office Dressing

Especially the younger generation face such problems on a daily basis. The generation before us didn't have all these trouble as they all knew their dress code and just had to pair a good tie and shirt to wear under their suits. This new trend wave of not having a dress code at work place have made us prone to making many fashion mistakes. But what if we tell you that you can avoid making these mistakes just by following some simple rules and avoiding a couple of things. Here is our small guide for the troubled youngsters in their workplace.

Not Giving your Backpack the Needed Attention

A backpack is the new way of carrying your work essentials and has replaced the briefcase for good but if your backpack has many pockets and Velcro then you should consider not using that for your workplace.

A black leather bag is a good example of this. Other colors you can choose from are brown, blue, and white.

Not Understanding Athleisure

People often misunderstand athleisure and make mistakes. There are two kinds of them. One wears a black oxford everywhere and the other chooses to wear their running or neon gym shoes.

You should be avoiding both of them.

We recommend wearing fresh new canvas from Adidas, common projects, etc. and in suede or leather style. They should be as clean as a formalwear is.

Not Using Your Suit

You may have a suit or two hanging around in your closer that you can no longer wear to your office; you may be wondering what to do with it. Simple, split it. Use the jacket and give yourself a good dress down office-ready look.

If you are really into this look then try using a well-tailored wool trousers or an unstructured blazer that is not stiff at the shoulders to give a relaxing and sprezzatura kind of vibe.

Dad Denims

This isn't that hard of a game to play but what some men often do is that they don't want to stand out a lot so they avoid wearing these. However, you only have to look out for the ones that are not in shape and the ones that looks like they have been acid washed hard.

If you wear them like the formal trousers then you are good to go. Choose a good and rich color and avoid the distressed ones. For example pair your indigo denim with an Oxford shirt along with blazer and for the footwear choose Derby shoe.

Visible Undershirt

Earlier this wasn’t a big problem because ties were there to hide the undershirt peeking out from you button down shirt but now that you have no tie your crew neck undershirt is not the thing that should be visible.

Before you think about not wearing an undershirt hear us out and opt for a V-neck undershirt. This would remain hidden and sweats stains are even worse than a visible under shirt so ditching undershirt isn’t an option. Also, colors like heather gray are visible through white shirts.