How to Wear Pleated Trousers

How To Style Pleated Trousers

How to Wear Pleated Trousers

Starting off with the simple definition of a pleat, a pleat is basically a fold. The little tuck of the fabric is generally a fold which gives few extra inches to the material. In a trouser, pleat is the small tuck located between pocket and fly. This provides men some extra legroom. Pleats do provide men with some extra legroom or breathing space but that doesn't mean it is not well trimmed or sits loosely on waist. With the right tailoring it gives just as clean and tailored look like any other trousers.

There are two types of pleat one is forward which mean the pleat is tucked towards the fly and one is reverse which is tucked towards the pocket. The former is preferred by English tailoring mostly as they give a neater look and the latter is preferred style for Italian and gives a loose shape. There can be multiple pleats however, if there are more than two not won't look as good.

How to Wear a Pleated Trouser

When it comes to a comfortable clothing article, pleated trousers take the lead. Here are a few ways in which you can wear these.

Dress it Down

When it comes to traditional clothing people often misunderstand that it can only be formal. However, this is not true. Same is with pleated trousers, they are not formal. To dress them down you can wear a pair of straight leg pleated trousers with a Cuban collar shirt or a white t-shirt and enjoy your summer outing.

Unique Fabric

As for the fabric it depends upon how you want your look to be so experiment around. Mostly we see young people wearing heavy weight cottons and seersucker fabrics, so you can definitely start with it.

Stylish Footwear

One thing about good trousers is that they don't over power your footwear or your upper wear but they do their job in enhancing your overall look. So a good trouser would highlight your shoes, wear a smart one. A double buckled shoe is a great choice for a smarter look.


If you are into streetwear you can try pleated trousers with a pair of common project sneakers and a bold colored sweatshirt.

With good pleated trousers you can make a statement outfit like you can dress them up or down and you can either give them the limelight in an outfit or make it a supporting clothing article for highlighting other pairing like shoes, etc. If you want your trousers to stand out you can wear them with a pair of slip ons and brogues and a clean cut T-shirt.