How to Style a Flannel

How to wear a flannel shirt part two

How to Style a Flannel

There are two very basic misconceptions about flannels that have been around for a long time now. First one is that people often associate it with the hipster clan and second one is that people think flannel and checks is the same thing. These two misconceptions is understandable though if we look through the history of flannels.

Flannels were originated back in the 17th century in Wales which was used by the farmers for their protection. The word flannel is said to be derived from a Welsh word for woollen articles, 'gwalnen'.

This being said the misconception of checks and flannel being the same thing is also proven wrong. Flannels are made up of a material that is very soft to touch but it has the capability of trapping air and so, it helps in keeping us warm.

The stereotype around flannel is however helped in its popularity but Hamilton Carhartt is to be given the credit for making flannels popular in the U.S by 1889.

Styling Flannels

If we talk about styling flannel shirts then first and the most popular one is the buffalo check flannel shirt featuring red and black design. This was back in 1850.

However, plaid flannel shirts became extremely popular during the 1990s because of all the bands like Nirvana, etc. And today big names like Saint Laurent, Givenchy, etc. are working hard to make these checked flannel shirt timeless.

There is two ways you can wear these if you choose the check pattern which is either trendy rock n roll or workwear. For workwear you can choose a slim fitted jean with heavy boots and for the trendy look you can choose a skinny jean and wither wear the shirt open upon a white t-shirt or hang it around your waist and you can also add a leather jacket or hoodie over it.

If check is not what you are opting for then you can go with neutral colors like gray and bold colors such as rust, bottle green, etc.

You can also wear it over a contrasting colored t-shirt. The fabric is matte and soft so it wouldn't stand out even if you wear bolder colors.