6 Must have Casual Style Pieces

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6 Must have Casual Style Pieces

There are no pre-set rules for any kind of dressing and we don't want to encourage people to dress similar. Everyone has their own style and vibe. So, here we are with a bunch of casual clothing pieces that you should have for any kind of look you are going for.

Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are a staple and are found in every man’s closet since 1950s. They go well with so many looks and the variety you would get is just whole another story. Denims have never gone out of style and after a few years we get to see a different variation of these. Just like recent years, denims are now being made of high quality raw denim which give you an off duty look.

Investing in a pair of good quality jeans would never be a bad decision.


This is another classic casual clothing article. T-shirts have recently become versatile that they are being worn with a suit like a crew neck looks good with suits as well. Now you can wear anything with a t-shirt. For summers Breton strip is a hood option in a cotton fabric as for the winters choose a cotton or knitwear.


These have become versatile recently as well and we can see them actively in street style and not just on the tracks. When it comes to fashion and trends people have become well knowledgeable about it. Trainers are not a recent thing but today we see it everywhere. You can wear a pair of trainers for a smart look as well; choose the one in leather though.

If you want a much relaxed option then go for off white than complete white.

Lightweight Jacket

You can see these almost everywhere if you are someone who is interested in trend and fashion. A lightweight jacket such as bomber jacket and denim jacket are a good way of investment. They are versatile and if you choose the right one with high quality then it would go on for years.

Denim jacket is something that you may seem much more often than a bomber jacket. Many style icons prefer it as well.


Coming to cold weather casual options you should have a sweatshirt, thin merino knit in your closet as they are both casual and easy to wear.

You can style them with a lightweight jacket or simply wear it alone.

Breton stripes would work wonders here as well as for the colors choose knit with base of solid color like navy and white stripes. A good knitted polo is another option for you.


Backpacks have become such an essential part of our routine that everyone wants one for their ease. Especially for the people living and working in cities need a backpack so that they have their hands free to be able to catch a bus or travel around in public transport. But the question here is what should you choose?

For a casual and easy use make sure you buy good quality that would last longer and a simpler choice of these backpack would let you use them for  multipurpose like for work, weekends and a trip around the city. Go for a full leather bag if you want something luxurious or a cotton canvas for classic and rough touch.