4 Rules of Casual Dressing

The Key Casual Dressing Pieces for Men

4 Rules of Casual Dressing

We know the struggle with casual outfits too well so we want to share with you five basic rules of casual dressing that would always be handy for you and your wardrobe.

Perfect Fit

You may have heard this one a lot. In casual outfits especially you should always look out for tailoring and fit. The fit and tailoring depend upon the look you are going for and also your body type.

There are two types of fits that people go for. A slimmer fit but not a restricting one was preferred before but today we see that a looser fit is in trend. This also depends upon the seasons. Fashion designers and fashion forward people are seen to prefer this look more like wide legged trousers, boxy shirts, etc.

A good fit that compliments your body type and the look you are going for is so important.

Knowing Your Comfort Zone

This one is an essential rule. Look for outfits and clothing articles that you feel comfortable in because if you are not comfortable in it that would show. A casual outfit depends upon how you carry it. If you carry it with style and confidence then you will get your desired look.

Minimal Style

Casuals are all about minimal styling. If you have too much going on in your casual outfit you may end up looking like a fashion disaster however, if you pair simpler garments and outfits then it is hard to go wrong.

Attention to details

One outfit can be worn with different styling and it all depends upon the details. Yes, the detailing is very important to an outfit.

Take for example a pair of denim jeans and a t-shirt. This a classic casualwear but you have different options like you can either tuck, half tuck or untuck a T-shirt and your jeans can be relaxed cut or slim fit or it can be pin rolled or tailored. All these are small detailing but each give a different look.

We all know how trends dominate casual style so we won't tell you to not indulge in those trends but don't just go for trends. They will go out of fashion once and then you will regret making such choices. So, buy classic items more rather than trends.