How You Should Look in this Transitional Period

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How You Should Look in this Transitional Period

You know the time between summer and autumn when you are just left confuse because you don't know what to wear as it is neither hot nor chilly so you are just left there hanging, confused to choose from your wardrobe the appropriate outfit.

But that can be changed, yes! You can buy all the versatile essential wears to make this period between summer and autumn easy for yourself.

For this purpose here is a guide for you to look through before you go on shopping, these are all versatile and trendy. Take a look.

A Light Gauge Cardigan

This is a go-to clothing article for a season like this. It is also really versatile you can wear it over a t-shirt or a button up shirt with a tie.

The material you are choosing should be a blend of merino wool and cotton so that it remains breathable and doesn't warm up in case of an unpredictable summer.

A Check Shirt

This one is a favorite for many people. It is just perfect for times like this and is an effortless way of looking trendy. Flannels are a great way of showcasing your style and it is also great for the times when it is kind of chilly outside but not jacket wearing chilly. You can use it as an over shirt as a good replacement for a jacket when it is not too cold out there.


The transition from summer to autumn is also a transition from shorts to heavy jeans. This transitional period use darker shades of chinos and be in the perfect middle. Color shades that are similar to autumn like burgundy, navy, green, etc. in short dark chinos are the ones you should be choosing this transitional period between summer and autumn.


If you are someone who wears a lot of sweats or sportswear this is definitely something you should invest in. Sweats aren't just associated with tracks anymore; they have changed a big time now available with good premium quality fabrics, modernised cuts and detailing.

This can be worn along with other casuals like hoodies, sweatshirt, etc.