How to Upgrade your Style

Five Habits That Will Step Up Your Style Game

How to Upgrade your Style

When someone talks about an upgrade of style and outfits our mind often go towards buying expensive outfits and spending more on different styling etc. But that is not what it actually means. If you don't have a six digit salary but you want an upgrade in your sartorial standing then you should consider following easy ways.

We believe, money can't buy style and after reading these you would agree too.

Learn how to Tuck

This year we saw a tucking trend spread around everywhere. Fashion forward people and elites have basically been tucking in everything.

A front tuck is a good way to start in which you have to tuck the front part of the shirt or t-shirt only. For a smarter and cleaner look you can go with a complete polo or T-shirt tuck in a pair of chinos.

A knitted tie in place of regular one

Even if your job doesn't require you to wear a tie anymore you may have some events or a wedding that you would have to wear a tie there.

Don't go with a plain silk tie but rather choose a knitted tie for modern option.

Suitable haircut and beard

Every year along with clothes hairstyles also come and go out of trend.

However, the basics remain. Guys with a longer face cut shouldn't go short on the sides or add length on top. Similarly, guys with a rounder face cut should have shorter sides and height on top for overall balance. For facial hair, long face cuts look good in crop beards and for rounder face cuts beards should add length.

When it comes to following trend of each year keep these in mind and choose a classic haircut if the trend is not something that would look good on you.

Attention to Fit

Look at yourself in the mirror and decide what look you are going for and then look out for good tailored suits or clothing articles like T-shirts, jeans etc., that looks good on you.

Sunglasses in top pocket

Keep this in mind when you are not wearing them for protection always keep them in your top pocket rather than hanging them around your neckline or over your head.

Keep them white

If you own a pair of white sneakers make sure that you take a lot of good care of them. There is nothing worse than a pair of dirty white sneakers. If they are shinny white they would look great. Regularly clean them with a fabric protector.

Turn it up

This is a fun and easy way of fashion upgradation. If you own a pair of selvedge jeans you should turn the hem up. They look great with its hem turned up.