90’s Fashion Trends Still Loved in 2018

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90’s Fashion Trends Still Loved in 2018

As summer season kicks off and brings cold and dark season, it is time that we start to find some solace in the changing weather. It’s all about the layers of coats, scarves gloves and hats.  By considering the trends, the high end brands are now embracing classic silhouettes and designs from the vintage stock.

Here is a roundup of some winter trends which are old school yet loved in 2018 and are still the talk of the town in the world of men’s fashion wear.

The Nineties Fashion

90s trend is still a hit in the stride of Autumn/Winter 2018. The best take on men’s trend was at Prada. If you like the 90s trend and you want to invest into an old gear, you must definitely invest in the bucket hat by Prada. It has a simple black hat and compliments every type of look for Autumn/Winter.

Leather Layering

Leather layering gives a Matrix vibe. Since they are oversized, the long coats look extremely classy and dashing.

Buy A Shearling

The old and simple shearlings will always last a lifetime and keep you warm. This is the best season to buy shearlings from your favorite designers like Hermes, Giorgio Armani and Philip Plein.

A Windcheater Is A Must Buy

The technical outerwear trend shows no sign of reducing down. They are puffer jackets and are oversized. People still look out for such jackets in the autumn/winter weather as they is super warm and comfy.

Brown Is The Color

Don’t forget to add some brown colors in your autumn wardrobe. Get yourself a brown suit or maybe aim for a darker shade of brown. Beige wool coats are an ideal purchase in autumn especially if they are finished with slim cuts.

Don’t Forget The Checks!

Donatella Versace was the charge of one of the best check collections. Checked jackets looked super cool back in the days along with the tartan trousers and plaid shirt. People these days still love this combination.

The Rodeo Look

Western trend has been gathering up space in today’s fashion world. Cowboy boots are still everywhere in fashion cities like London, Paris and Milan. If you are slaying in the Calvin Klein boots they are definitely going to look ultra point and super aggressive.

Are you following any of the vintage fashion trends? Share your views with us