Sweatshirt Collection 2018: Best Sweatshirts to make your winter wardrobe classier

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While there’s a majority of leather jacket lovers, there are also a few who prefer sweatshirts in winters.


Sweatshirts are more soft, comfortable, and easygoing. And if you wear them with sophistication, you’ll look incredibly handsome.

So, even if you’re in love with your hoodies and leather jacket collection, you should’ve at least one sweatshirt in your wardrobe.

In case, you need any help in selecting, here we have our latest collection of:

Best sweatshirts to purchase this winter

Go ahead!

1. North Face Sweatshirts

As they have a clean and minimal design, North Face Sweatshirts are perfect for a day out on weekends or hanging out with buddies in pubs.

You really don’t need to put great efforts into wearing these cool sweatshirts. Just pair them with black jeans and white trainers and you’ll look perfect.

2. Nudie Jeans Co Sweatshirts

This Sweatshirt is not for people who loves wearing shiny prints and cool logos.

But if you’re the person who love going with the basics and prefer it minimal, Nudie Jeans Co Sweatshirt is the best bet.

Moreover, the sweatshirt is made of a cool material that’s not only durable but will also keep you warm in harsh winters.

Now I see no reason to not buy them. Do you?

3. Armor Lux Sweaters

The best thing about Armor Lux is the French terry cotton material it is made of, which gives the sweatshirt a cozy toweling feel.

You’ll also experience a French vibe in it because of its horizontal, navy Breton stripes. In short, the sweatshirt is a perfect go-to option as you can completely rock it with a pair of grey chinos and white shoes.

Just try it and I guarantee that you’ll not regret. It will prove to be the best buy.

4. Soulland Sweatshirts

You should purchase Soulland Sweatshirt if you love arts and graphics, and like a bit of extra detail in your clothing.

The sweatshirt comes in attractive designs. My personal favorite is the one which is half printed and half graphic designed. It offers a huge splash of colors that contrasts in the white material.

Another interesting thing you’ll notice in the sweatshirt is that one sleeve is longer than another and one has a raw hem while the other is cuffed. You’ll definitely love the variety.

5. Levi’s Original Sweatshirts

The best thing about Levi’s original sweatshirt is that you can wear it for just about any occasion. This means you don’t just need to wear it for casual wear but you can also pair it for a smart casual look.

All you need is to wear it with a pair of slim fit trousers or jeans and some fresh white trainers. You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

You can even layer it up with warm clothing for cold harsh winters.

6. FILA Sweatshirts

FILA Sweatshirts have a soft toweling texture similar to Amor Lux sweatshirts. However, compared to the minimal French-style design, you’ll find a huge FILA logo that makes it stand out.

The trend will remind you of the golden era of the 1990s. So, if you love retro-culture, this is your ideal purchase for sure. Also, there are three brilliant colors to choose from – navy, red, and white. You’ll definitely love this one.

7. Maison Labiche Sweatshirt

Do you like easy fashion and prefer to keep it minimal? Maison Labiche Sweatshirt is perfect.

It has a minimal design and catchphrases like Notorious and high five embroidered on them. Pair the sweatshirt with dark chinos and a monochrome watch and you’ll style perfectly.

So, which sweatshirt are you buying?