5 Best Men’s Clothing Tips from Style Icons

Clothing tips and items that make you look like a kid

Looks don’t matter!

If someone tells you this, know that he/she is lying.

Most of us form an opinion about a person on the basis of his appearance and clothes.

Not true? Then why would people have been rejected on Tinder?

The truth is that both looks and clothing matter and people use it to form a first impression about someone.

And that’s why we’re here with this list of:

Carefully picked men’s clothing tips to improve looks

So, without wasting any moment, let’s dig in:

1. Remove the clothes you don’t wear often

Some people are so in love in memories that they find the heart to separate from them.

Be it old clothes or old belongings, they just keep them stocked and that’s where they go wrong.

If your wardrobe is still stocked with old clothes, there will be no space for new ones.

So, the first thing you need to do is to ditch all the clothes that you haven’t worn from over a year and replace them with some new clothes.

2. Customize your clothes as per your appearance

Let me tell you a small secret!

When you purchase your clothes, they are hardly of any fitting. Jeans might be a little longer, the t-shirt might be loose, or a button might be missing from your shirt.

So, your first and foremost duty after purchasing new clothes is to visit a tailor and have them customized.

3. Be aware of new trends but wear but makes you look best

No matter how latest clothing you’re wearing, you’ll be wasting your money if it doesn’t look good on you.

So, don’t blindly run after trends. Instead, try each clothing carefully and see what looks best on you.

You definitely need to learn this from Rayan Gosling. The actor always looks fab because he only wears what he knows looks that will look good on him.

4. Different is great if you can pull it off with confidence

Most people don’t try outfits that are out of the box because they fear people will make fun of them.

If you’re doing the same, then it’s your biggest mistake.

Dressing up different doesn’t mean that you’ll look like a clown. If worn with sophistication, you can ace in them.

Haven’t you seen fashion models rocking the ramp in newspaper dresses. That’s their confidence that makes them stand apart.

Perhaps, you can steal a tip or two.

5. Brands give no guarantee that you’ll look good

$200 Armani shirt, $1000 Rayban aviators, $700 Gucci jeans, and $500 Woodland shoes — do you think you’re going to look good in them?

Well, there’s no guarantee.

Sometimes, a gentleman wearing branded clothes fails to create an impact and a dude wearing a cheap yet well-styled outfit can create.

In short, it’s the way you wear these clothes and the confidence that matters not the price of the clothes.

Additional takeaway?

Take mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow

No one learns to wear clothes perfectly at first shot.

We all make mistakes, sometimes really terrible ones.

We buy clothes that make us look like a joke, we purchase shoes that tear up in one month, or sometimes we even end up dressing up like a clown to the prom.

You might have also done the same. But know that this is not the end. Each mistake helps us learns and gives us a chance to become better.

So, don’t be disappointed if you can’t dress up good. You’ll eventually end up becoming better. Till then, keep experimenting and keep learning.