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  • What to wear as a groom part 4

    What to wear as a groom, evening wear options, number 5:

    Back in the day, tuxedos were only worn at events after 6 pm or when it was dark. Today, that whole thing has become a little more relaxed but originally, the proper daywear garment was a stroller suit. A stroller suit was the equivalent to the morning coat ensemble, just on a less formal level. Just like a black tie outfit, it is the less formal ensemble compared to a white tie in the evening. A stroller suit is very similar to a morning coat, you simply swap out the morning coat for a black jacket with peak lapels, single-breasted, one-button or two buttons, or you can have a double-breasted as well. It is definitely not the same as a tuxedo jacket because it does not have silk facings and it can be part of let’s say a charcoal suit for example. It is a very dapper ensemble. Basically, you want a black bow tie, you want a tuxedo that is silk faced with shawl collar, you do not want anything that is rented. You want wool because that way, you sweat less and you look better and you feel more comfortable. It really shows in your wedding pictures.

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  • What to wear as a groom part 3

    What to wear as a groom, evening wear options, number 2:

    You want a bow tie that is not pre-tied.

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  • What to wear as a groom part 2

    You can wear whatever you want or what you and your partner desire. That being said, most grooms do not dress up very much for the wedding, and they regret that later on when they look back at their wedding pictures and most of them always want to put the best foot forward. That is on a personal level but also sartorially.

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  • What to wear as a groom

    What to wear as a groom part 1

    What to wear as a groom, traditional options, number 1:

    A hundred years ago, there was a morning wear outfit and an evening wear outfit. Both of them were tailcoats, they were long because the wife’s wedding dress had a train and it was long and so the tailcoat matched that. Those long tailcoats were worn with tall top hats because that looked good. A day wedding could take place anytime when the sun was out basically and it was a very classic outfit that men wore in the 1930s, the 1940s and in the 1950s.

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  • Ivy style primer

    Ivy style primer part 4

    How to dress up in Ivy style, number 5:

    The herringbone jacket is a good way to turn what could otherwise be a more formal jacket, into something casual without a wild pattern. With its country appeal, it became very popular for wear by those who frequented or took part in equestrian events. You could have used this jacket when you wanted to dress up for a date on the town but without looking like you were attending a funeral. With flap pockets and larger buttons to increase its casual tone, it has been and still remains a staple in Ivy style. Today, it works very well with a pair of boots, an oxford cloth button-down shirt, and corduroy pants.


    How to dress up in Ivy style, number 6:

    The two button cuff jacket became the standard worn by the Ivy League crowd. As if intended to infuriate the older generation, it is still worn today by Ivy Leaguers and is a great way for anyone to turn a formal jacket into a casual one.

    How to dress up in Ivy style, number 7:

    School sweaters are usually reserved these days for the cheerleading team, but back in the 1950s, men would wear knit sweaters boasting their School’s letter in the center of the sweater. Not necessarily popular today, it was a standard amongst men on game days both on and off campus as a show of support for their school.

    An idea for an outfit in Ivy style:

    You can wear a gray flannel suit with three cuff buttons that are spaced a little further apart and that underlines a casual character just the same way a two button cuff jacket would. You can pair it with a green dress shirt with white stripes, a blue knit tie, and brown penny loafers. To have a nice contrast, wear striped socks in gray and turquoise.

  • Ivy style primer

    Ivy style primer part 3

    The difference between Ivy and Prep style, number 2:

    When it comes to sports and lifestyle, both Prep and Ivy styles intertwine completely. Polo, tennis, and golf remain favorites and a weekend in Southampton is considered a sublime way to spend the summer. Winters are spent in Palm Beach, and there is nothing better than spending a warm afternoon on a sailboat.

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  • Ivy style primer

    Ivy style primer part 2

    History of Ivy style, number 3:

    Despite the students of the Ivy League schools knowing the style as “Ivy”, the rest of the world simply adopted it as a more formal version of Prep and then the blending of the styles was introduced. It is only the rarest of gentlemen that can pinpoint the differences between the various styles.

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  • Ivy style primer

    Ivy style primer part 1

    For most people, the Ivy, Prep, and Trad styles tend to blend together in a way that makes it difficult to differentiate them from one another. Ivy style is actually a style of its own, separate and apart from Prep and Trad styles. Of course, there are many similarities, but in most cases, it is not so much the clothing, but how they are worn. The Prep look, for example, is far more nautical in appearance, more beach appropriate and an ideal style for the Hamptons and Cape Cod. Ivy style is a dressier version of Prep style that is ideal for the historic chambers in the hallowed halls of America’s Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

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  • The top 5 colors to choose when wearing a tie

    How to untie and take off your tie

    Most men try to get rid of their tie at the end of the day as quickly as possible. The ones who do not know how to tie a tie, sometimes leave their knot in it, but that is bad and it will shorten its life. On top of that, different collars require different knot and, so you should always re-tie your tie knot every time you wear it.

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  • Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

    Must-haves for fall part 3

    Must-haves for fall, number 5: Suede boots

    Boots are ideal for fall because they are lined with leather most of the time and they are not super warm and at the same time, they keep you warmer than a regular pair of oxfords or derby shoes. You can get them with a thicker leather sole and go with lace-ups. Lace-ups are great with a suede shoe such as a chukka boot. You can also get different options such as a desert boot in a sand color. The most versatile one that you can incorporate into your wardrobe is a mid-brown, maybe a chestnut brown and the suede just gives it a softer character. If you can only afford one pair of boots, you should go with something burgundy, because you can combine it with a suit, as well as all kinds of casual garments. If you want to spice up the look of your boots, you can simply go with contrasting colored bootlaces because that way, it looks like an entirely new boot and you just invest a few dollars rather than having to buy an entirely new pair of boots. If you are not into lace-up boots, maybe you can consider a Chelsea boot which is a classic.

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