5 Tried and Tested Men’s Hair Styling Tips to look like a Rockstar

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After years of experimenting with my hairstyle, I have learned an important thing:

The Haircut is an important part of your appearance. Even an average-looking person can look dashing if the hairstyle is good.

A handsome man, on the other hand, will look terrible if the hairstyle is bad.

Most people don’t know this. Hence, they take some really bad hair styling decisions which they repent later.

Even I have been guilty of this. I once shaved my head on a clean shave only to find out that I looked like a goddamn potato.

So, I am telling you from my experience that it’s very important to know how to keep a good hairstyle.

And that’s why I am here with this list of:

Handy men’s hair styling tips

Few hair styling tips for you to make your look dashing

1. Use only the necessary quantity

One of the most common mistakes that guys make while styling their hairs is that they take a huge chunk of gel or wax and then completely drench their hairs with it.

Using too much hair products will make you look attractive?


Not only have this makes your hairs style terribly but also wastes the product you’re using.

Who knows the bottle of gel that you just finished in 2 weeks could last for 2 months.

So, make sure you use a little but use it effectively.

2. Wash your hairs before styling

Remember we always wash our face before applying a skincare routine. The similar rule applies to your hairs too.

By washing your hairs before applying a hair styling product you make sure that there is no dirt or grim is left in them and you can apply gel or wax more efficiently.

Also, your hairs can last long this way. So, never forget the routine.

3. Get a haircut that suits your face shape

Let’s assume that you’re taking proper care of your hairs and using quality hair products.

However, what if the hairstyle is not accurate?

After, people are going to notice your haircut, not the money you’re spending on hair care.

So, the next time you visit your barber. Ask him to give you a haircut that suits your face. You should look like a gentleman after your haircut, not some clown.

Keep this in your mind.

4. Stay away from hair products that don’t suit you

Not all hair products might suit your hairs. You might be allergic to some and might lead to lethal complications if you keep using them.

Now, why repent later rather than cutting these products and fix the issue right now?

I did the same when I found out that I was allergic to hair gel and it started causing my hairs to turn white.

Remember one thing! Looking great is important but your health comes first. Hence, it should be your top priority.

So, cut all the junk that doesn’t suit your hairs. You’ll save yourself from a big problem.

5. Keep your hairs maintained

One thing that you should know is that your haircut fades away after a week or two and doesn’t look effective anyone.

Hence, you need to make sure it’s properly trimmed. For this, you can either visit a barber once in a while or better you can do it at home.

Doing so will help you look in your prime shape all the time.

Bonus tip: Experiment and Learn

You’re never going to have a fab hairstyle in one day. Instead, you do it gradually by making mistakes and learning from them.

So, don’t fear experimenting. It will only help you look better.

Good luck!