9 Frugal Fashion hacks part 4

Young and Smart: Jaden Smith is a Fashion Icon!

9 Frugal Fashion hacks part 4

Fashion hack EIGHT: Have a clothing hit list

You want to have a list of items that you need to build up your core wardrobe versus wandering into a sale for an item you actually don't need. Okay, you just spent money on something that actually isn't on your hit list. Again if it is on your hit list and you have planned it out and you know that this is going to work with your core interchangeable wardrobe of classic items. It is a good purchase and it is going to save you money over time.

Fashion hack NINE: Get a job in retail

Even if it's a part-time, you get the discount, you get the deals. You know it is going on, you are going to learn a lot, that right there can transform your entire style and you can make money doing it. Or, okay, a little bit too much, then become friends with the people at the store at the thrift store, at the box store, at the best menswear store. Get to know their names, treat them with respect, guess what, they are going to start putting aside clothing that they think you are going to absolutely love and is your size and they wanted to make sure that you got first dibs on. They are going to call you when that sale is popping up. Basically, you got other people looking out for you, all of these because you decided to go deeper into retail.