9 Frugal Fashion hacks part 3

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9 Frugal Fashion hacks part 3

Fashion hack SIX: Buy interchangeable

This is the idea when you buy items that they all will work together. It is a very simple concept when you buy three pairs of shoes, you buy three shirts, you buy three trouser, you buy three jackets. Twelve pieces of clothing, how many different combinations do you think? It is not a total of twelve, it is three times three times three times three. We are talking about eighty-one outfits when you buy interchangeable, you get a lot of wear out of it and the most expensive things you are going to own are the items that you don't wear.

Fashion hack SEVEN: Keep your receipts and return items that you do not wear

You go out there and you find that great deal, it was 70% off and, yet, it is sitting in. Well, return it before that return policy gives up thirty, ninety, whatever day how many days it is. And, if you missed that return policy, don't give up, simply take it in talk to the store manager, and say, hey can I get an in-store credit? You do not want to be sitting on clothing. As much as I say clothing is an investment, it is not something that you put into a safe and it is going to improve in value over time. Unless it's a watch, maybe, maybe then. So the point is if you don't like the item that you bought just simply return it on any way possible. If somehow you can't return it, then try to like it or give it to someone who would like it and who could wear that piece of clothing better then you and without a problem.