9 Frugal Fashion hacks part 1

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9 Frugal Fashion hacks part 1

I am not a cheap guy, but just like you I hate when I overspend. When I go buy something and then find the same product the same service somewhere else, but cheaper.

Ten tips to level up your style without spending much money:

Fashion tip ONE: Ask for the discount

Gentlemen, ask, ask, ask. If you don't ask it, you are not going to receive it. Whenever I go to a hotel, whenever I am traveling, whenever I am buying something, I always ask for a discount. Do you accept cash? Guys, there are cash discounts. All types of discounts out there. The key, gentlemen, is to ask for them.

Fashion tip TWO: Ask for free clothing

Seriously, ask your friends, ask your family. Let people know that you are upping your style and you would appreciate, hey, do you know anyone that is looking to get rid of old suits, maybe some shoes that they never wear, maybe a nice leather jacket?

Fashion tip THREE: Buy from a new brand

When you buy from established brands ones that have been around for a long time, yeah, there is a lot of trusts there, but oftentimes, they have got very high margins and what you are getting, the product is not exactly equal to the price. Now, a lot of up-and-coming brands they realized, okay, we need to get in at a great price, so we are going to sacrifice margins, we are going to do something different to be able to offer an amazing product at a very fair price. So when you are looking for the clothes try to find a new brand, and I am sure that you will be happy with the price. I am always happy and I buy new brands all the time.