How to wear, match and pair orange in menswear part 3

Sprezzatura And How Men Can Dress With It

How to wear, match and pair orange in menswear part 3

Orange with green:

When it comes to pairing this color with green, you pair it with dark green, such as a suit. Sometimes, you can have the pocket square, and maybe a solid green jacket, or combine the windowpane orange with a dark green tweed. You can also work with a kind of olive green in a tie. The range of green is quite wide.

Orange with purple:

A little more exotic combination of orange is to pair it with purple. It is not a color combination you would think of in the first place, but it actually works well.

Orange with blue:

It can be orange with a dark navy suit or a mid blue, or a royal blue suit.  It can be your tie, pocket square or maybe your shirt. There is enough contrast and it is a bold combination. It is similar to yellow, so it is good if you want to make a noticeable first impression without being over the top.

When you first start wearing orange clothes, number 1:

If you are not sure what orange and you want to start out, go with a blue blazer, a blue suit, a light blue shirt, and instead of a red tie, try to use something in orange. Just use one element in orange at first, and then later on, once you are comfortable, you can maybe add a second element, but most of the time, that is really all you need. If you do not like blue very much or you have a lot of darker suits, try to go with a charcoal and orange, or even black and orange, because it harmonizes very well together. It is one of those staples that any men can wear no matter what skin tone they have or what other elements they have in their wardrobe, it will work for you.