How to wear, match and pair orange in menswear part 2

Sprezzatura And How Men Can Dress With It

How to wear, match and pair orange in menswear part 2

Good combination with an orange, number 2:

You can wear knit tie with tweed coats or sports coats in the summer and you could also have a sweater or a sweater vest that is mottled brown undertones. For spring and summer outfits, orange works really well as pocket squares. You can wear them with lighter sports coats or dark ones, patterned ones, it does not matter, it always looks very summery. If you want to go a bit more casual, a polo shirt is great and so are shorts. A color pastel orange is nice for shorts, which is not too bold but different from any other kind of short colors that are typical such as navy, beige or khaki. The all-purpose kind of sock in charcoal and orange is also great. Orange in your outfit gives you a spring-summer feel or a warm, cozy fall-winter feel and that is why it is such a great color to have in your wardrobe.

Orange with black shoes:

This color is a very versatile color and you can wear it for example with all kinds of black shoes and, black oxfords, black derbies. Make sure it ties it together such as in brown and orange socks or charcoal and orange socks.

Orange with brown:

It looks good with chocolate brown, but also with dark brown or lighter browns. They all work well and having that combination makes you stand out because orange is not a color most men usually wear so you do not even have to be loud to really stand out. People will compliment you because it is different and elegant. Some of the best brown items include a brown suit, a brown jacket – you can wear them in separates, a brown tweed, and brown corduroys.