Ways to lace Derby shoes part 2

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Ways to lace Derby shoes part 2

Ways to lace Derby shoes criss-cross way, step 1:

Two proper ways to lace these shoes is to either have a bar lacing which is horizontal and parallel or to do a criss-cross lacing which is a little more sporty and informal. The criss-cross lacing is better for less formal outfits such as jeans or chinos or tweed. First, put in the lace from the top on both sides and you pull them straight and you want to make sure that the ends are the same length so you hold on it and pull through. Cross them over, come down from the top, through the holes and pull through just slightly if you want. You always want to make sure you have the same kind of criss-cross pattern, one is over the other which way does not matter, it just looks better if it is consistent on the same shoe.

Ways to lace Derby shoes criss-cross way, step 2:

Finally just tie the knot. If you want to make sure that your shoes stay really laced up and do not open up, you should tie them this way, from the loop, you go over once, twice and pull it through. This way you get just slightly thicker knot but it really holds everything much better in place.

Ways to lace Derby shoes, Oxford way, step 1:

The other way to lace a Derby shoe is the Oxford way with a bar lacing, and here is how to do that. Since there are four holes, you want the ends to be the same length. If there are 5 holes, you have one end slightly different than the other. This way is easier because you basically go from one to another hole until you pull shoelace through all holes on the shoe.