Ways to lace Derby shoes part 1

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Ways to lace Derby shoes part 1

The Derby is a classic men’s dress shoe that is not as formal as the Oxford but still, they are very high on the formality scale and it can be worn with suits and in the office, on the business meetings or business events. The easiest way to change the look of your shoes and to make it look like a new pair is to simply change your shoelaces and use a different color. It is unbelievable how just a pair of red, blue, green, yellow, purple or brown shoelaces really transform the whole look and what is even better is once you have a few different colors, you can provide a different look for the same shoe and you can remove the pair of laces and put it in a different pair of shoes, meaning you literally have endless variations of how to style the wardrobe all without it being too expensive.

Ways to lace Derby shoes, tip 1:

First, you need to get the right kind of shoelaces. What you want is either thin cotton shoelaces that are round or it can be thin and flat. What you do not want is a thick nylon shoelace because it simply does not suit the character of the shoe. You want them to be the right length about 31 and a half inches or 80 centimeters is ideal for most Derby shoes or dress shoes.

Ways to lace Derby shoes, tip 2:

Of course, one of the ways to really change the look of your shoe is to go with different colors. If you are in a more conservative environment, tone to tone shoelaces, if you want to, and if you like to be more colorful, mix it up and use contrasting colors.