Trad style primer part 3

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

Trad style primer part 3

How you should dress in a trad style way, number 3:

For shoes, you could choose suede shoes to otherwise conservative suits or maybe adding a colorful pair of shoelaces to an otherwise rather stiff outfit.

How you should dress in a trad style way, number 4:

When it comes to suits with Trad style, you wear them predominantly maybe 60-70 percent of the time with the rest being Navy Blazers and combinations. With Ivy style, it is about 50+/50, 50% suits, 50% blazers and combinations, and a Prep style follower hardly ever wear suits and mostly wear a blazer or more casual options. While Preps would often roll up their pant hems, that is not something you would see with a trad enthusiast because they were not too keen on showing their bare skin. While Preps love their boat shoes, Ivy style people would prefer penny loafers and a Trad enthusiast will always opt for a penny loafers and never for the boat shoe, unless you are actually on a boat where they serve its purpose. If you are into Ivy style and you wear a seersucker suit, you could combine them with white buckskin shoes. For Trad style, that is too loud and over-the-top, instead, you could maybe wear a pair of suede shoes.

How you should dress in a trad style way, number 5:

Slim fit shirts do not fit in the Trad style. You can wear traditionally full cut dress shirts that do not show off your muscles or anything else. It is all about natural fit and comfort and if you wear shorts during a warm summer day, you can choose the solid Navy ones, not the bolder colors or any patterns on them such as the Madras pattern, that may be a Prep style enthusiasts would wear.