How to wear, match and pair orange in menswear part 1

Sprezzatura And How Men Can Dress With It

How to wear, match and pair orange in menswear part 1

Pairing colors can be a challenging job. Orange can make you look elegant and dapper, you just have to know how you utilize the color. Unlike a green suit, you cannot wear an all orange suit without looking really bad, but if you use orange in doses such as a vest or maybe a shirt, pocket square, tie, boutonniere maybe even socks, you can get away with it and it just looks very handsome. Orange can also be an accent color in sports coats or suits.

First, you have to understand the orange color:

In the beginning, you want to understand what shade works well with your outfit. You can wear a dark orange or you can have something lighter in two-toned or something bright like a polo shirt. For summery outfits, you can go with an orange and sometimes a white two-tone look, maybe a linen material. It is brighter and it has a pastel tone to it which is very appropriate for spring and summer outfits. Orange is a wonderful color that works particularly with brown tones and it also works well with things like black or charcoal which is usually more of a business color at the same time, you can pair it with navy, or with green.

Good combination with an orange, number 1:

A combination that looks good is mixing orange with charcoal because it can be dressed up for a business suit or dressed down with corduroys. Also, orange is one of the few colors that work with any kind of skin tone, just make sure you have a high-contrast. If you yourself have a high contrast because of your hair and your skin tone, or if you are black, then go with high contrast items such as a light shirt with a bold tie. If you are fair-skinned, and you have very light hair, try to go with something a little less contrasting.