Trad style primer part 2

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

Trad style primer part 2

How you should dress in a Trad style way, number 1:

Think of the Trad kind of style as using a very traditional approach with a bit of nonchalance and a little bit more freedom to choose different things and outfits. You just add more casual elements that would traditionally not work with your outfits, for example, that means you invest in a blue navy blazer or two in several three-piece or two-piece suits, as well as cardigans and sweater vests. However, instead of going with plain solid worsted colors you would mix it up and wear maybe a herringbone suit in brown or maybe a houndstooth flannel suit, or you can go with a faint windowpane on your navy suit, instead of going plain solid. So to mix it up, you would skip the matching vest with your suit and instead, opt for maybe a burgundy flannel vest or a doeskin vest or a moleskin vest or you could go with a blue tweed vest.

How you should dress in a trad style way, number 2:

In terms of neckwear, you can still wear neckties and bow ties, however, you can maybe go with slightly different knots. Not just a four-in-hand but maybe the Oriental knot the Victorian knot or the Kelvin knot. In terms of tie fabrics, madder silk ties were very popular and so were repp striped ties, however, a little more texture such as with knit ties, or maybe silk ties were quite on point because they were different than what their fathers wore. The goal is to always express yourself in a sophisticated way that is different enough to break with the monotony of classic suits all the while not allowing people to pinpoint how your outfit is different.