How to wear brown shoes and boots part 5

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How to wear brown shoes and boots part 5

Brown shoes are not a substitute for black shoes, and every man should own at least one pair of black plain Oxfords.

How to combine brown shoes with socks, number 2:

Chinos paired with burgundy striped socks and mid-brown suede Derby shoes are unusual yet great. Of course, you can always mix up the look of the shoes with some shoelaces and light gray just looks better with black than with brown. Green pants are great for mid brown suede shoes or boots. Checked pants can be paired well with the rust-orange, over-the-calf socks and chocolate brown Norwegian shoes with crepe soles. The solid brown blucher or derby is a wardrobe staple because it pairs with almost every kind of informal outfit.

How to combine brown shoes with socks, number 3:

A classic Prince of Wales suit can be combined with a mid-brown monk strap shoe and green socks. Blue would work just as well, and perhaps even a combination of green & purple. Mid-brown herringbone suit pairs well with a mid-brown shoe, although a pair of contrasting socks would have been better.

Make your look more interesting by adding interesting shoelaces:

One of the quickest and most simple ways to change the look and feel of your brown shoes is to simply change your shoelaces. The advantages are simple, it is quick, easy, inexpensive and reversible…

Brown leather textures:

You will notice that brown box calf leather and suede shoes have been becoming more popular in recent years. Buffalo, reindeer skin, and alligator have been classic, yet expensive, brown shoe leathers as well. Generally, you should keep in mind that shoes with more texture are less formal. Sometimes you even see ostrich, pigskin, fish skin, or elephant hide for shoes. Most of the time, the last is not a classic shape and the entire shoe just screams for attention.