Trad style primer part 1

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Trad style primer part 1

Here are tips about what trad style is, and how it is different from prep style or Ivy style.

History of the Trad style:

Trad is an adaptation of the North Eastern American style which is not as popular as prep or Ivy style. Arguably, trad is the most classic and refined version of this northern American style. It is, in fact, a somewhat contemporary take on the fashions of the roaring 1920s. Its core is similar to Ivy style, Trad was born as a form of rebellion against the fathers and the parents. It was a way for students to develop their own identity using clothes that were somewhat related to what their fathers would have deemed appropriate, at the same time, adding their own touch to it. Trad was way for young men to distinguish themselves from polo and boat shoes wearing young men as well as very stodgy old Saxon wearers.

The difference between Prep, Ivy and Trad style:

Prep is the most casual style. Ivy is a notch up, and Trad is even less casual and more formal than Ivy style. The entire purpose of Trad is to maintain the conservative approach to clothing while adding a personal note without going overboard and looking like you are wearing a costume. A Trad person would maybe wear a v-neck sweater with a sports coat on top of it. In the 1960s and 1970s, a piece that was very popular was a turtleneck sweater. For casual event today, a Trad enthusiast would maybe wear a sweater or a sweater vest but with a bow tie and a tweed sports coat. Often students were not allowed to attend functions or school in the more vibrant preppy or Ivy style clothes so Trad style allowed them to express themselves while still adhering to traditional dress codes.