How to wear brown shoes and boots part 4

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How to wear brown shoes and boots part 4

When to wear brown shoes, number 8: Sports coat, trouser combination

With green ones, you should wear brown every time. I have no particular preference and combine it with all shades, but avoid black. With khaki ones, dark browns work well. Avoid black. With tan ones cordovan, cherry and mid brown are great, again avoid black. With white/off-white it is nice to wear brown white spectators with it, but dark brown, mid brown or reddish brown work too. With dark brown ones, tan is my favorite for dark brown.

When to wear brown shoes, number 9:

Brown is the best shoe and boot color for sports coats and contrasting trousers. Sometimes you also see boots or shoes with fabric inserts, which can be quite stylish.

When not to wear brown shoes:

If you wear formal morning dress, morning coat or stroller, or formal evening dress, white tie or black tie, you should not wear brown shoes, go with black. The exception for this exception could be a tuxedo in brown. In that case, a pair of matching velvet slippers could be an option, but that is only for the very advanced clothes horse. Do not wear brown shoes with black suits. Some would argue that you should not wear brown shoes to the opera. However, if you look at the general dress code at operas today, you will likely be more well dressed in a brown pair of shoes than the other attendees.

How to combine brown shoes with socks, number 1:

A navy chalk stripe worsted suit can be paired with chestnut brown calf leather brogue. In the 1930s, they wore dark suits with brown shoes even then. Moreover, they already had beautiful shadow stripe socks in blue and red that can be worn with all kinds of navy suits. Alternatively, blue socks with clocks or blue stripes are a more subtle alternative.