How to wear brown shoes and boots part 3

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How to wear brown shoes and boots part 3

When to wear brown shoes, number 5:

Of course, if you are confident enough, you can pair lighter shoe colors with dark suits, but be aware that you will gather more attention that way. Black remains the “number one” color for business, so if you are unsure, stick with black, and if you invest in your first pair of business shoes, go with a black cap toe Oxford shoe.

When to wear brown shoes, number 6: Casual suits

Bolder patterns, material blends or brushed cotton, corduroy, etc.. With green suits you can wear brown every time. I have no particular preference and combine it with all shades, but avoid black. With khaki ones, dark browns work well, but again, avoid black. With tan ones, cordovan, cheery and mid brown, are great, but avoid black. With white/off-white it is nice to wear brown and white spectators with it, but dark brown, mid-brown or reddish brown work too. With brown suits, you can wear brown shoes and skip black altogether.

When to wear brown shoes, number 7: Sports coat, trouser combination

With black ones, you can wear tan boots. With charcoal gray ones I prefer black over any form of brown. Dark brown can work but avoid a tan. With mid gray ones, black works but especially dark brown or cherry is a good color, but again, avoid a tan. With blue ones you can wear all kinds of brown, cordovan, tan and dark brown can look magnificent and dashing. Of course, you will gather more attention with a light tan shoe, something to bear in mind. With denim ones all kinds of brown work well. Tan and cordovan oxblood look very good. With red ones all shades of brown, except reddish brown. Dark brown and tan are probably my favorite.