How to wear brown shoes and boots part 2

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How to wear brown shoes and boots part 2

When to wear brown shoes, number 2: Business suits

For 3-piece or 2-piece business suits, in the following colors, in solid worsteds or flannels, pinstripes or faint windowpanes or Prince of Wales Checks. For a black suit, wear black shoes and avoid brown. For charcoal gray ones, I prefer black over any form of brown. Maybe dark brown can work but avoid a tan. For mid gray ones, black works but particularly dark brown or cherry is a suitable color and avoid a tan. For dark navy suits, black works well but cordovan, tan and dark brown can look magnificent and dashing. Of course, you will stand out visually with light tan shoes and a navy suit, something to bear in mind. For light navy ones, black often looks better than brown in my opinion, but it really depends on the cloth. With pinstripes, it is better to wear black shoes and never brown. For dark brown ones, pair them with brown shoes and skip black altogether.

When to wear brown shoes, number 3:

Since a three-piece suit is more formal than a two-piece suit, you can wear black shoes more often with them than brown shoes. If you wear a contrasting double-breasted waistcoat in dove grey or buff, go with black shoes as it is a similar ensemble to the formal stroller suit. If you wear belts, try to match the color of the shoe to the belt. Since there are so many shades of brown, it does not have to be made of the same leather or the same color, just try to match it as closely as possible. If you wear suspenders, you will not have to worry about this at all.

When to wear brown shoes, number 4:

If you want to play it safe, always choose a shade of brown that is darker than your suit color.