Important Items You Need to Carry for a Short Business Trip (Part Two)!

Essential items you need to pack for a short business trip

Important Items You Need to Carry for a Short Business Trip (Part Two)!

So, suddenly you get a phone call from your boss and he needs you to join him for a short business trip and you have got only a few hours to pack your important things, what would you do? Would you just say NO to your boss because you are so stressed out? Of course, you won’t, your reputation and job may rely on it, I mean nobody can say this. It may be a golden opportunity for you, what say? So, before really packing your things up for a short business trip, first spread your valuable belongings on your bed or on a carpet. This way you will have a good overview of must be with you during the business trip and what must not be. So, here, after the shoes we have got two more things for you to pick on a short business trip.

2.    Shirts

Next on the list is shirts. Grab at least two or three dress shirts even if you are only going for a one-day business trip. Why? Because you may stain your dress or someone may spill something on you mistakenly, so you should have another one by your side to figure the situation out instead of searching on where to dry-clean it. For a suggestion, pack plain white solid shirts, or maybe cream or light blue. Pastel colors also look perfect like light yellow, light green, or light lavender. The chest pocket is the odd one here in the business trip shirts as of no use in it. You will also need double cuffs or French cuffs for cufflinks. If your business trip destination is a warmer place, then you can avoid cufflinks and have barrel cuffs. If you like an undershirt, don’t go with a traditional white color, instead, go for a t-shirt that fits right with your body and closely matches with your skin color. Here regular t-shirt is highly undesirable as it has thicker layers that can be seen from the outside of the shirt.

3.    Overcoat

Last but not the least is an overcoat which everyone wears not packs for a business trip. Maybe possible that you get wintery condition during your business trip, so you will need one. Gray, Blue, and black are the best shades in an overcoat and go great with everything.