How to Stay in Style During Winter!

How To Dress Fashionably In Winter

How to Stay in Style During Winter!

Winter is chilling, and it is always hard to stay in style during this season because it brings laziness in the environment and everyone wants to be in the bed all the time drinking hot drinks. Men, in such circumstances, start drifting from the fashion. As, winter is not just too far, so we thought we might help you with some tips about styling to follow during winter. Check them out!

Denim and Heritage Blazer

A well-dressed man must need a denim and heritage blazer this winter to look cool. The blazer is made of the heavyweight fabric that fits with your body frame and gives proper shaping. Instead of heavy fabric, you can go for cashmere or flannel. Your denim must be slim as to give you a casual and tailored look. Wear lighter shades of denim during the day and darker at night. When paired with suede boots or leather lace-ups, you will look terrific in winter.

Denim Jacket with Wool Trousers

Denim doesn’t only come as jeans, it is available in a jacket as well. So, wearing both at a time looks fantastic and gives a pleasant appearance to others’ eyes. The great combo of denim jacket is with the tapered chino-resembling wool trousers. Layering is required here to look beyond good since it’s also winter so you can be safe from the cold. For regular carry-on, put a denim jacket over a plain sweater. Geo-print button-down shirt along with a waistcoat underneath the jacket will make you look smart. As the denim is blue, wear trousers in khaki, navy, or violet. For a master appearance, wear a silk scarf having a paisley print.

Plain T-Shirt with Black Leather Jacket

The leather top is a must-have in winter. The leather is an insulating material, so it conserves the heat and a plus point in winter. You will dazzle up with a leather jacket. Just keep in mind, you will carry it simple and not wear big shoulder pads and stovepipe jeans. With your simple jacket having straps and pockets and less metallic components, your t-shirt must be plain and simple of solid white or black color. You jacket must be fit to your size. Wear blue jeans and Chelsea boots with that.

With this, you are ready to beat the winter with your looks and style.