Looking Glam at the Grammys!

Looking Glam at the Grammys!

Looking Glam at the Grammys!  

Now we all know The Grammy is the most prestigious award function when it comes to music and celebrity endorsing their careers to be the best there is. If you've won a Grammy, you're officially in the list of legends this world’s music industry has ever seen. Artists all around the globe come to witness this magnificent event of musical glory.


Here are some of the celebrities who looked great on the outside on the night of glamour!

Zayn Malik - The Obvious

Zayn Malik looking all sleek in a perfectly stitched and fitted, pale pinkish suit. Now when has Zayn ever disappointed his audience when it comes to looking the best?

Sam Smith - The Cool Guy.

Sam Smith, wearing a green double-breasted two piece suit. Looking all sharp and steady day n’ night. Sam was one of the most noticed celebrity of the evening!

Matt Maher - The 40’s Vibe.

Matt Maher, canadian musical artist, steps out in the light looking all sleazy and classy at the same time. Giving the perfect 40 vibe, Matt wears his suit like a gentleman. A beautiful cornflower blue shirt, with great combination of sneakers and suit. Beautiful as the night.

6LACK - The Devilish One.

6LACK, the rapper, as always giving out the gangsta’ vibe. Looking all dank and swaggy. Black jacket with black shoes and skin fitted pants. Chains and his eyes, just like we all like 6LACK for us. One of the most dapperly guys of the night.

Big Sean - Oldie but Goldie.

Our old sexy dapper boy Big Sean ladies and gentleman. Now look at that jacket, man that is a hot jacket he got there. Big Sean pulling of his navy blue suit with his classy velvet overcoat. Boy does he look stunning.

NeYo - The Dapper.

The most dapper guy of the evening. The one and only Ne-Yo. The life of RnB music industry, holding up the hotness chart a bit high. Portraying beautiful sense of style and sassiness. Yellow jacket and black pants. The white flower adds generosity to the ambiance of his attire. Simply, classic.

James Corden - The Simple.

Who doesn't remember our own James Corden. James arrives at the Grammy Awards looking all classy, giving of the perfect gentleman vibe. Now we all know the energy he is been putting into those rap battles is finally paying off for him.