How to Look Sharp if You are a Short Man (Part one)!

Dressing sharp for the short man part one

How to Look Sharp if You are a Short Man (Part one)!

You don’t have to feel complexed or camouflage yourself in your little world if you are a short man. although, for such men, dressing sharp is like surrendering a mountain, but what is our part? We are surely here to help you out in this difficult time. Just follow us to look sharp.

1.    Understand What Fittings are for a Shorter Individual

Firstly, on the list, before anything else, you need to recognize your fittings. As you are a shorter individual, you need to dress up accordingly. Your dressing purpose is to look sharp and great, right? What if you look shorter than you actually are? Wouldn’t it be more dull and odd? So, you have to pick clothing that fits you.

2.    Fitting of Your Shirt

Never wear a shirt that crosses down your hip bones, it will look absolutely worse. To be adjusted, you have to find a brand that goes perfectly with your body type and styling and make you look sharp. Spend money to have a tailored tux. Push yourself out of the house and check the shoulder points. If it doesn’t fit your shoulders, kick it off. Before buying a suit, make sure that it perfectly fits your shoulders. This way, even a muscular and bigger guy will look slimmer. Find something for an appropriate type of V cut that puts up your drop. Now, what is a drop? It’s a difference between your chest measurement and your stomach or your waist measurement. So, according to your drop, you can have a t-shirt that is best with the style and fit. As for example, you have a very negligible drop. You have about a 42-inch midsection and a 42-inch chest. In such case, you need a t-shirt of a rectangle shape or those that just drop down for a perfect styling and a sharp appearance. Another item that is just best for you is an athletic cut having an extra in the stomach area. This is so very important if your key is to look sharp just like other tall guys when all you have got is a short stature. So, kick that sadness away and start slaying with your sharp looks and be happy no matter if you are a short guy.