Your Way to Formal and Semi-Formal Styles!

A Beginner’s Guide To Formal And Semi Formal Styles

Your Way to Formal and Semi-Formal Styles!

A few years back, men had a concept of formal dressing as wearing white ties and coattails, and semi-formal as dinner suits and back ties. The truth is, those people know much about fashion than the humans of today’s era. Even today, some of us just don’t know the difference between formal and semi-formal dressing. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we have a guide ready for you.

Just keep in mind, traditional formal suits include both black and white tie, while semi-formal is comfortable with a dark suit and a tie.


Tuxedos are the best dress code for formal events. Wear a bow tie with a tailed coat and white shirt and be the master of formal dressings. Make sure your bow tie is white because black bow tie or just black simple tie are for less formal events where tail-less coat with a cummerbund or a waistcoat is acceptable. If the formal event is happening in the morning, wear a morning coat, striped trousers, and a waistcoat. Blue tux looks perfect when the event is less formal.

You need to have a know-how with the classics as well in case of unknown encounters. If you aren’t fully aware, o with the classics. Your suits must be of right fitting. Make simple hairstyles and avoid loud accessories.


As tuxedos are meant for formal parties, you can wear the in semi-formal ones too because of their urbane and classy appearance. A dark suit and a tie will go right if the semi-formal event is of the evening. If you keep a conventional tie and shirt, with that, you can wear light colored suits as well. Pick smart shoes and accessories like watches and pocket squares, refined and not so loud.

There are a variety of dressings you can opt in the semi-formal styling, so the possibility is that a beginner might end up being absolutely bad at it. You can freely ask your host about the dress code to break the floor. you can kick off the tie in semi-formal events if you want to. Simple is what required, in case you wear a necktie. Stop being too bold and flashy. Keep in mind, semi-formal isn’t about being casual, so in a glimpse of formal, avoid khakis, jeans, shorts, and such other items.

This is just the basic way to formal and semi-formal styles, keep on learning. For a quick review, a formal event requires a well-fitted tux, just don’t do experiments with your dressing. And for a semi-formal one, in the evening, wear dark suits, and traditional light suits in the daytime. Don’t wear a tie if you feel like and keep following the rules to have the best looks.