Summer Suits!

Summer Suits!

Summer Suits! 


When it comes to fashion, everyone wants to look the best and be in fashion. Summer brings many events for a man to summer suit up like summer weddings, BBQs, social gatherings, fund raisers, whatever you say. While dressing up, it is essential to know if your suit is in fashion or not. Here are some set of clothings you should be aware of in order to own the evening!

The Cotton Suit!

The most comfortable, warm and subtle set of wearing comes from a cotton suit. Cotton is the first comfortable material that comes to our mind whenever we go shopping. Cotton suits are quite in lately, with different color combinations. The casual look is the music of the eye lately.

The Stereotypical Linen Suit

If you're planning to attend a summer wedding, a linen tux is all you need. Linen suits are light and gives you a very “springy” look. A black linen suit can brighten up your evening like a bowl full of jelly, trust me the feel has its own comfort zone. Linen suits are found in various different shades such as white, grey, brown etc. so your linen suit can brighten up the eye.

The James Bond - Silk Suit!

Well if you want to cream out your evening by looking all rich and fancy. Silk suit is all you need to wear. Silk suits being expensive and classy also bring a level of comfort with them. Silk suits can get your luck with the ladies work. Not only that, silk suits also look great with velvet linings. Tuxedos are usually worn out of silk cloth. Silk is cool, gives out a professional finish sort of look. Makes you look mature on the outside. The key to awake your inner gentleman is wear a silk suit.

The Office Package - Wool Suit!

Now if you're a lawyer or a corporate worker, you have to wear suits to work, might seem boring but also adds a class to your personality. Wool suits are quite affordable and more durable than other material suits. Wool suits come in many shades, creamy colors. Lately wool stitched check suits is the new cool. Wool suits are more comfortable than any other material. Plus wool suits give out a comfortable and a professional look as well.