Smart casual dress code explained part 5

How to Wear Business Casual in 2018

Smart casual dress code explained part 5

Smart casual clothing items, number 9:

Two-tone tassel loafers are great or maybe just regular penny loafers, some people even like driving moccasins even though I think they wear very quickly if you wear them on a daily basis but they work from a concept point of view. Also for shoes, you can go with boat shoes because they are still leather and they are still relaxed and you can even wear them barefoot. While it is clear that tennis shoes and trainers are too casual, a lot of people like designer sneakers or leather sneakers and I think, they are in a gray area. I do not think you should wear it because it is too casual but there are other people who would probably find a sneaker still appropriate. At the end of the day, it is your choice. Personally, I would always suggest you get a little bit more formal within the smart casual dress code because that way, you always look dapper and properly attired. No one will turn you down, everyone will respect you, and they will know that you understood the smart casual dress code.

An idea for an outfit in a smart casual dress code:

This outfit can be worn during the colder days of the year. It consists of a heavy knit cardigan however it is a lighter color which is about off-white or beige. You can pair it with a green long-sleeved dress shirt that is checked with white which breaks up the monotony of the solid cardigan you could wear. Also, you can wear navy corduroy pants and contrasting chukka boots that go well with the cardigan you could wear. This way the overall outfit is tied together. For socks, you can choose, for example, green and brown shadow striped socks, so the green picks up the color of the shirt and the brown pick up the color of the shoe sole.