Smart casual dress code explained part 4

How to Wear Business Casual in 2018

Smart casual dress code explained part 4

Smart casual clothing items, number 6:

If you decide to wear a blazer or an odd jacket, you should wear a bold pocket square or maybe a boutonniere that is just contrasting, it is a pop of color, it is different, and it is fun. Avoid the white linen pocket square in TV fold. That is fine for a job interview or the office but not for smart casual. Another way you can spice up smart casual outfits is to use colorful socks. You could be bolder, you can experiment, or you can be a little more subdued.

Smart casual clothing items, number 7:

If it is cold outside and you need some gloves, go with fun colors such as dark green, maybe a light tan, blue, or red, and stay clear of the traditional black gloves, or just boring brown gloves. If you want to stick with those colors, make sure you get two-toned gloves such as the black and red gloves or the brown and blue gloves which are definitely not your grandpa’s gloves.

Smart casual clothing items, number 8:

When it comes to shoes, stay with leather shoes. They can have a leather sole or a rubber sole but they must not be black because that is too formal. Instead, go with brown tones or tans but you can also venture into green, maybe off-white, or dark burgundy red. All these colors are acceptable but you should choose a style that is more casual with more casual details, so with that spectators will work. You can go with woven leather, or maybe a linen insert, suede is also good. Get something that is more casual than a traditional business shoe. Derbies are more appropriate than oxfords but there are oxfords that would be just fine for smart casual as long as they are not too dark and they have maybe a full brogue pattern.