Smart casual dress code explained part 3

How to Wear Business Casual in 2018

Smart casual dress code explained part 3

Smart casual clothing items, number 2:

You could wear a Harrington jacket in cotton, a linen jacket, and you could even wear a bomber jacket or maybe a leather jacket if that suits the overall outfit.

Smart casual clothing items, number 3:

When it comes to shirts, you should definitely stay clear of t-shirts but you can wear dress shirts. That being said, do not wear plain white or solid light blue dress shirts because they are true business formal. Instead, go with checked shirts in a collar. You can also go with bolder patterns, like checks, smaller checks maybe a small houndstooth or a bolder stripe. It all works, just make sure there is some contrast, there is some color, and it is not too stiff. If you live in a warmer climate, linen shirts are perfectly fine. Personally, I would always stay clear of short-sleeved dress shirts and instead go with polo shirts because it is more natural and works better.

Smart casual clothing items, number 4:

When it comes to pants or slacks, do not wear jeans and do not wear pleated pants made out of worsted wool because that is office wear and both of them are too extreme. Instead, wear chinos, maybe corduroys in the winter, seersucker or linen in the summer or something with a bit more texture that is interesting and it could also have a pattern such as a small houndstooth.

Smart casual clothing items, number 5:

When it comes to accessories, color is your friend. You can be much bolder than at the office and you can experiment and simply have fun. You should skip bowties and regular neckties. If you want to have something around your neck, maybe an ascot can be the perfect item.